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Any ideas?
Добавлено 06.08.2018 15:46:07
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In order to stop poor Jez's thread from being railroaded any further, I thought I'd create a topic here concerning collecting, scanning and proliferating Atari magazines.

At the moment I am trawling the internet for any scans which already exist to lighten the scanning workload. If you can help by pointing us towards some scans, or by providing them, please let us know. Eventually, I will scan in my own collection of magazines and make them available online. If you have any advice on how best to scan for good readable quality, or concerning good, cheap online storage, please chip in.

My hope is that one day we'll have a cooperative effort to maintain a central online library of magazines that can proliferate the content far and wide and ensure the content's permanence in computing history.

Any ideas?

Please help.

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Thank you.
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Форум » Основная тематика » Компьютерные игры
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