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Has anyone encountered this problem before ??
Добавлено 06.08.2018 15:52:36
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So the practice programs have worked fine for me up until this morning. Now when I try to launch through the NCARB website, I get a white error box on their page saying "Still working? Cannot start desktop 'Launch ARE Practice Programs'."

I'm not sure if this is maybe an issue with how I logged off yesterday and now I can't get back onto the virtual machine or what the problem might be. I called NCARB and then emailed the guy I talked to a screenshot, but he said there's nobody in IT I can talk to, they just send tickets over to them...so I don't have much faith in a fast response from them.

Has anyone encountered this problem before and any ideas as to if there's a possible fix on my end?
Please help.

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Thank you.
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