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can't achieve the entire game environment.
Добавлено 21.07.2018 09:59:09
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I'm writing this as well as sending a message to Shenandoah that I have purchased all three games and on all my iOS devices with music and sound effects turned on, the first of any of the 3 games that I download will sometimes have music and sound, the second game will only have some sound effects and the third game never has any sound even though all 3 of them have sound effects and music turned on. I have tried redownloading and restarting my device many times over and over to no avail. If it's possible for them to get access into my devices or see what I mean by video I would be more than happy to show the glitches. It's upsetting when you buy a new iPro for this awesome game and can't achieve the entire game environment.

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

Recycle Management Solution Video

Thank you.
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