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Russian Alexandra
Добавлено 29.05.2018 15:07:49
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Регистрация: 28.05.2018

It's been driving me nuts cause I knew I had heard an "Alexandra" song long ago and I finally tracked it down. This is the opening song in the movie "Moscow Does Not Believe In Tears" which won an oscar for best foreign film in 1980. At the time I was dating a Georgetown U. girl who was studying Russian so we went to see it (she later spent a semester there).
Anyway, I rented the movie and captured the song for anyone who wants to listen to it. The opening has some traffick sound to it but then disappears:

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Форум » Основная тематика » Музыка » Русская музыка
studying russian semester rented later opening alexandra anyway marketing video movie service captured anyone there