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Origin can't close, forced to reinstall
Добавлено 14.11.2017 15:02:28
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Регистрация: 13.10.2017
I have been having some serious issues with origin for the past few days now. It happened out of nowhere. Anytime I want to run origin I get an error : "origin installation requires an internet connection, but we were unable to connect to the internet...."
I am connected to the internet and nothing is wrong with my service. What I usually have to do then is delete origin from my computer and reinstall it from scratch. It works then right up until I have to exit out of it or if I close my computer. If I want to go back into it itll give me the same error of not being connected to the internet. This is getting frustrating and I have had to reinstall this * several times now. I got two main games (Need for speed payback, Battlefront 2) I usually play for the past few days but having to reinstall them is a PITA! I'm not sure but I've looked at my services running and I dunno but something is odd about how there are 3 qtwebengine services running (I'm assuming their related to origin). I also have origin web service process running as well. Not sure if this is normal or not.


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Форум » Основная тематика » Программы
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