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Provide a warning/pop-up message for optional questions
Добавлено 09.11.2017 08:17:54
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Регистрация: 13.10.2017

I am conducting a survey, within this group, all questions are optional. So the answer is "No Answer" or something like that.

I just want to make sure that the participant did not accidentally skipped the question. Thus I am wondering for an optional question, it is a way to warn the participant that he / she did not answer a question and keep the question optional.

One way I envision this is, after the participant ends with a group and hit next, the survey checks to see if there is no answer to this question. (s) ". But if the person hits next again, they will not receive that pop-up the second time but continue on within the survey. Basically the participant was warned only once that a question was not answered.

Thank you !!!

I did not find the right solution from the Internet.

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